Use this 1 secret to reduce your Motorcycle Insurance cost!

Posted July 14, 2014

Anyone that rides wants motorcycle insurance.  Depending on the coverage you select motorcycle insurance can reduce your exposure, pay for medical bills, pay for your passenger’s medical and of course offer the advantage of motorcycle insurance repair coverage!  As you add-on features that reduce your exposure and liability the dollar cost to you in form of an insurance premium invariably goes up.

What if you someone told you that there was one guiding criteria that could reduce your cost across the board without sacrificing desired coverage?

Here is the secret – pay your bills on time!  That’s right it’s as simple as that.

If you want to pay less for motorcycle insurance, pay your bills on time and the carrier will offer you rates at discounts up to 50% off!

The thinking is this:  people who take fewer risks, do so in all aspects of their lives – including paying their bills on time.  Your “financial responsibility score,” as it’s called in the motorcycle insurance industry, can earn you deep discounts and is taken into account by every motorcycle insurance carrier.

Ok, so now you know what to do starting today.  What happens, if like the rest of us, your record in this area has been less then spotless.  Begin by consistently paying your bills and after about a year, bid out your motorcycle insurance policy across a few carriers.  This will trigger a review of you “financial responsibility score” and since you have been on your best behavior you should see a benefit that will directly translate to a happier wallet in your pocket!

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