Motorcycle Insurance Terms

Posted June 13, 2014

The terms thrown at you during Motorcycle Insurance selection can be tricky and confusing. Make sure you get the right coverage with this straight forward list of key terms to consider when safeguarding your Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki!


Do I get collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, add on custom or vintage coverage or all of the above?


Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Terms:

Collision: typically covers at – fault accidents.

Comprehensive: typically used to cover non-collision cause damage (vandalism etc.)

Custom / Vintage coverage: add on to cover specialty bikes with higher dollar values.

Custom Motorcycle Coverage – Insurance provider coverage for custom-built motorcycles.

Trike Coverage – Insurance provider coverage for trikes or three-wheeled motorcycles.

Vintage Motorcycle Coverage – Insurance provider coverage for motorcycles.

Accessory Coverage – The insurance provider offers physical damage protection to items such as:

  • equipment,
  • devices,
  • accessories,
  • motorcycle enhancements,
  • changes other than those which are original-manufacturer-installed, that are usually permanent and / or attached, and alter the appearance or performance of the vehicle.

Actual Agreed Value – This is an agreed upon price between you and the insurance carrier


Rubber side down!


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