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Posted June 5, 2014

Motorcycle Insurance: To be or not to be?

So you just got your motorcycle, registered it and are considering getting insurance. we will publish a series of short articles that list motorcycle insurance companies, present different perspectives on motorcycle insurance and centralize various tid-bits of information that you can use to help you decide.


How the Motorcycle Insurance Repair process works:

Step 1: Make arrangements to deliver your motorcycle to your preferred Motorcycle Insurance Repair shop (there are many advantages to using a shop like Mach1 – someone that specializes in this type of work).

Step 2: Your shop will now inspect the bike thoroughly and write up a detailed report logging all damages creating an estimate for your Motorcycle Insurance company.

Step 3: Your insurance company is notified and informed that the estimate is ready to go.

Step 4: An insurance company adjuster will review the estimate and discuss the work with your motorcycle shop. They will compare the damage listed on the estimate to the damage they observe on your bike.

Step 5: The adjuster will now either approve or request modifications to the estimate. Once approved, he will submit his recommendations to your motorcycle insurance company.

Step 6: The insurance company gives the estimate a final once over and then will agree to pay for the estimate less your deductible.

Step 7: your motorcycle is repaired, ready for your next ride!


Items to consider in your motorcycle insurance policy:

1. Deductible amounts

2. Coverage

3. Limits and caps to repair amounts


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Motorcycle Insurance Repair