Get your motorcycle ready for the season with these 8 easy steps.

Posted May 21, 2014

Taking your Harley out for a cruise or your Yamaha FJR out for a tour? The below tips are a good start to help you check your bike when taking it out of a long dormant state.

  1. Clean your bike thoroughly and inspect the engine, tires and controls. Remember T-C-L-O-C-K from your motorcycle training course? So check your tires, controls, lights, oil and kick stand.

  2. Review your owner’s manual – this will refresh your memory for needed maintenance and remind you of any other catch up items etc.

  3. Get new Fuel do not use old fuel – Hopefully you drained your motorcycle’s fuel tank or added a motorcycle fuel stabilizer before the long storage period that we call winter. If you live in California (or someplace that is winter-less), you should drain your tank if your bike will sit longer than a few weeks. As fuel sits it can react with oxygen to create a varnish like film in your tank and goop things up so that the bike will have problems running – if it runs at all. Let’s make believe that we all happily fulfill all of the “shoulds” in our lives and this task becomes easy – take a peak inside the tank to check for any rust spots etc and then fill up with brand spanking new gas.

  4. Battery time – experience riders who do complete all the “shoulds” will have moved their battery over to a battery tender. These run between $50-$100 in round round numbers and can keep your battery healthy while it is in storage. If not and the battery is low it might not be too late – gret a motorcycle battery charger from a reliable brand and problem solved! Otherwise it might be time for a new battery. Keep in mind that lithium motorcycle batteries need lithium specific trickle chargers.

  5. Tires – check your tires for flat spotting (due to sitting for a long time in one position). Fill the tire to spec and guage the quality of the tread and material of the tire itself. Tires are extremely important for safety and if there is any doubt, play it safe and swap out your tires for new ones.

  6. Oil – perhaps you changed your oil (yes – another “should”) as part of your winterizing – storage routine. If so – Kudos! Otherwise, it’s always a good idea to be kind to your engine and change the oil and filter att the start of season. This will help safe guard the inner bits and bobs of your bike’s engine and for a small investment, reduce overall motorcycle repair and maintenance over time.

  7. Check your break fluid levels – again a small investment here can save lives everywhere. Changing your motorcycle’s break fluid at the start of the season is helpful although not always necessary. Best to check with your mechanic.

  8. Lastly Check your coolant – one of the most overlooked fluids that keeps your bike’s engine purring. Top off as needed according your bike’s manual or check in with your mechanic.

Alright – now we have finished our “shoulds” and can roll out for our first ride. It’s always a good idea to make the first ride somewhat shorter and close to home base – just in case something comes up that needs to be diagnosed by yourself or your motorcycle repair shop.

Have a fun and safe season!

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