5 musts for motorcycle touring.

Posted May 28, 2014

As the summer approaches and we enjoy the sunny spring, motorcycles of every variety surge toward the blacktop in search of adventure. Can you feel the breeze sifting through your hair yet? From Harley to Honda Motorcycles to Yamaha Bikes to Suzuki and Kawasaki touring bikes – everyone is out for a ride and some of those rides are long haul. At Mach 1 we discussed some top challenges for those taking a long road trip and came up with the following suggestions:

1. Carry a spare key  – You never know when your primary key may get misplaced!

2. Carry a back pack hydration system  –  Depending on the time of year you choose to take your motorcycle tour, conditions could be extremely hot. It becomes very easy to get dehydrated which can ruin the day and even the entire trip. Such a small thing can rescue your adventure.

3. Wear an ID bracelet or get dog tags that identify you, list any medical conditions or allergies and provide emergency contact info.  –  Although everyone rides as safe as possible there is no knowing when an accident can occur and your doctor will not be at hand. Providing the paramedics with this crucial information can transform the situation entirely.

4. On a long tour plan for do nothing days.  –  Be realistic about your route and miles forecasted for each day. At the same time take a day here and there to rest up. Weather you decide to take in the local sites (by taxi) or simply do nothing, breaking the day-in-day-out routine will make you more alert on your trip and enhance the riding experience overall.

5. Taking a nap can be a lifesaver.  –  This last point plays to safety again. Depending on road conditions, weather conditions, length of the days ride, hydration levels and each persons endurance, even taking a power nap could drastically shift the odds in your favor. Motorcycle safety is the first priority otherwise there will be no trip.

Other advantageous tips include: eat at non standard times – saves waiting times at restaurant by avoiding the rush; plan to eat at sunrise or sunset in order to avoid riding when the sun may be in your eyes and every other drivers’ eyes; invest in a good a GPS system (these may get reception when your cell phone won’t); and last but not least – sign up for AMA roadside assistance.

Enjoy your Motorcycle Touring and be safe!

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