3 measures to reduce the chances of having your motorcycle or scooter stolen.

Posted May 15, 2014

Regardless, if you ride a Harley, Suzuki GSX, Honda CBR or Kawasaki Ninja – bike theft is always a concern.  Motorcycle theft happens and it sucks for anyone who has been a victim of this crime.

What can a motorcycle owner do to prevent or reduce the chances of theft?

Of course there are the standard security protocols: use your bike’s built in lock; make sure you park your motorcycle in well lit and well traveled areas; never leave your bike running – even for a second; lastly, chain your bike to something immovable. This includes heavier bikes – let’s face it even a 700 lb motorcycle can be lifted away given the right circumstances.

These preemptive steps by and large are time squatters. They delay the actual theft long enough to make stealing the bike unappealing. A pro will work their way through these challenges very quickly while an amateur will be daunted by these obstacles we have three more suggestions that can reduce the possibility of theft even further.

  1. Get a disc break lock – Xena makes locks that will run about $100 +/-. These are tricky to get off and come alarmed. So tampering will call attention to your bike via a loud shrill unpleasant horn. Thieves hate attention.

  2. Create hidden mechanical deterrents – this is easy to do if you are familiar with your bike and its’ mechanics. For instance pull a fuse – the intended thief may assume that your bike isn’t road worthy realizing the risk is not worth it. Of course you need to be extra careful and should only play with this strategy if you are confident in your abilities around a motorcycle engine.

  3. Get a concealed kill switch installed – having a secondary concealed kill switch installed is another option. While the would be burglar attempts to figure out why your bike isn’t running time’s-a-ticking and pressure builds.

Clearly the greatest threat for lighter bikes and scooters is simply being lifted away. Again, chaining these to something permanent and parking in very well lit and traveled areas is a must.

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